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Dental Fillings, Crowns & Bridges in Bloomington

If you require a tooth filling, Bloomington Dental Group is the place to go. Our dentist in Bloomington is skilled at performing a number of restorative procedures to improve your dental health. In order to maintain the appearance of your smile, tooth-colored fillings are available to blend in seamlessly. These white fillings are made out of ceramic for a flawless fix. No cavity is a match for our fillings! In addition to dental fillings, we offer dental crowns and dental bridges.

fillings and crowns

We Can Improve Your Smile

When a tooth has become weakened as a result of damage or decay, it needs to be strengthened before further loss occurs. A crown is a permanent solution that is fixed into place and covers up cracks and chips. It also serves a cosmetic purpose and can be applied to discolored teeth when a simple tooth whitening will not cut it. A temporary crown will be placed before the permanent one. You may need a crown after a root canal because the tooth will be very weak after the procedure.

A bridge for teeth is highly effective at treating decay and light damage. You can either get a bridge that is fixed into place or one that is removable. Bridges are generally used when an entire tooth has been lost and needs to be replaced. They are held into place by the two adjacent teeth, and there is a crown in the middle to fill in for the lost tooth. Additionally, if your bridge breaks, we offer dental bridge repair to get it back in great condition.

Contact Us for Dental Restoration

Our office in Bloomington can help clients with various dental problems that can be fixed with crowns and bridges. If there is something bothering you about your smile, then call us at 812-323-1530. Once your dental health is restored, you will be glad you did!