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High-Quality Dentures

While it's possible that you can retain your natural teeth as you age, chances are you will eventually need dentures at some point. Affordable dentures are available at Bloomington Dental Group so you can continue to speak and eat comfortably.

Full dentures are offered that are used to replace all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth. We also offer a repair service in the event your dentures break. 

We also have partial dentures available. Partials are only used to replace a few teeth, and they can either be permanent or removable. This type of denture is attached to your regular teeth with a metal frame similar to bridges. 

Some great benefits of partials include protection for your gums, improved appearance, and reduced risk of further tooth loss.

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Take Care of Your Dentures

Similar to your natural teeth, dentures require daily care in order to remain viable. Bacteria can build up if your dentures are not cleaned every day. When you are not using your dentures, they should be kept in a specialized soaking solution. 

As the years go on, you may discover that your dentures no longer fit like they used to. This is why Bloomington Dental Group offers relines. We can readjust your dentures so they fit comfortably again.
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